We began in the industry in 1981 with Pac-Man and designing commercial arcades. The mid 80’s brought the billiards boom and we set up billiard parlors in the mid-Atlantic region as a Brunswick dealer. The 90’s expanded into sports themed restaurants and bars with game rooms. We continue to set-up commercial venues but our main focus now is investment homes in the Outer Banks.

As Game Rooms and outdoor spaces have become the key amenities in our lucrative rental market, discerning customers seek entertainment both evenings and days when the ocean or weather do not cooperate. The challenge is to come up with the latest and most popular amusements of fun and leisure for up to 3 generations of family members. Factors we consider are space restrictions, game popularity, budget limits as well as durability, longevity, warranty and serviceability.

At East Coast Game Rooms, we are well versed in the use, care and upkeep of everything we sell. We happily support our customers with the guidance and instruction they need to set everything up, use properly, and enjoy thoroughly as well as maintain adequately for years of uninterrupted service. We not only assure extreme value for your investment, but also assist you in protecting it once you leave the store.

Let our decades of experience help you with your needs. Our design services are free to our clients so take advantage of this knowledge!

Come by and see for yourself why our many satisfied customers say, “East Coast Games Rooms has anything you would need to furnish the perfect game room at any budget”. Usually if we can drive to your home and back in 2 days, we will deliver to your home. And ask us about Drop-Ship Program of our Top Sellers.